Reporting gender ratios of fisheries and marine science events

Welcome to Fishy Biases! We are collecting data on invited speakers, session organizers, and panelists at conferences and seminar series. Here’s how this page works:

  1. Readers submit a report on a fisheries or marine science event.
  2. Once weekly, the authors will post the data from these events to this page.

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Conference: Fourth International Marine Conservation Congress

Event name: Fourth International Marine Conservation Congress

Website: http://conbio.org/mini-sites/imcc-2016

Professional society: Society for Conservation Biology Marine Section

Event type: Conference

Report type: Organizer

Location: St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Start date: 7/30/2016

Women Men % Women
Scientific organizing committee 7 7 50
Invited speakers 4 1 80
Symposium/session organizers 38 30 56

Code of conducthttp://conbio.org/mini-sites/imcc-2016/registration-participation/code-of-conduct/

Any additional comments? Symposium organizer counts refer only to symposia. There were also workshops, focus groups, etc.